Introducing the First Functional Cold Brew™

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Dairy Innovators.
Coffee Lovers.
Beverage Makers.

JoeFroyo Over Ice Flatlay Orange Straw Smile

For years, dairy alternatives have been trying to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides. We think nature got it mostly right.

Using our proprietary process, we culture Real California Milk® to unlock live & active cultures, add lactase to disarm that dastardly lactose, and produce a naturally sweet, probiotic-packed, lactose-free dairy base that is the perfect addition to coffee.

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Functional Cold Brew™

Grab and Go (and Keep Going)

Caffeine, Probiotics & Protein come together in a deliciously functional beverage that’s ready when you are. Perfect for leg day and cheat day.

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer bottle

Clean Label Creamer™

Supercharge Your Cup

Add to any coffee for perfectly balanced probiotic and lactose-free dairy mellowness. Light-bodied to let your coffee’s natural tasting notes shine through.

Nutrition That’s Easy to Swallow

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The High-Quality Ingredients You Want

Small Batch Roasted Cold Press Coffee
Real California Milk®
100% Certified Organic Agave

Packed With Nutrients

Excellent Source of Protein
Rich in Calcium
Good Source of Potassium

JoeFroyo Slushie Frozen Blended Drink Pink Straw

What We Leave Out Is Just As Important

Lactose Free
100% Gluten Free
100% Soy Free
100% Preservative Free
(We could keep going, but we won’t.)

What Does High Pressured Mean?

It’s how we keep JoeFroyo 100% preservative free. You’re welcome.



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