Introducing the First Functional Cold Brew™

Caffeine. Probiotics. Protein.
Sip. Swoon. Repeat.

100% Lactose Free • High Pressured • 100% Gluten Free

15g of Protein.
12oz of Delicious.

Taste & Nutrition by the Fistful.
Available in 3 Delectable Flavors: 
Latte, Espresso & Mocha.

Clean Fuel for
a Fit Life™

We don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice taste or nutrition to get an extra boost of energy. 


So we created a drink that combines smooth cold brew, creamy drinkable yogurt made with Real California Milk® and natural agave sweetness into a treat that’s delicious and functional. JoeFroyo is the drink that’s perfect for leg day and cheat day.

Nutrition That’s Easy to Swallow

Frozen Blended Coffee Drink

The High-Quality Ingredients You Want

Small Batch Roasted Cold Press Coffee
Premium Yogurt Made with
Real California Milk®
100% Certified Organic Agave

Packed With Nutrients

Excellent Source of Protein
Rich in Calcium
Good Source of Potassium

Frozen Blended Coffee Drink

What We Leave Out Is Just As Important

100% Lactose Free
100% Gluten Free
100% Soy Free
100% Preservative Free
(We could keep going, but we won’t.)

What Does High Pressured Mean?

It’s how we keep JoeFroyo 100% preservative free. You’re welcome.



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