Finally, a Grab-N-Go

Pick-Me-Up That Won’t

Let You Down

With Caffeine, Probiotics & 15g Protein for More Go-Get-Em

100% Lactose Free • High Pressured • 100% Gluten Free

Introducing the only
Functional Cold Brew™ in a bottle.

Available in three delicious flavors, each one a sweet blend of our original cold brew coffee infused with premium drinkable yogurt made with Real California Milk®.

It’s a taste you can’t resist.


Our original cold brew mellowed out with the creamy sweetness of premium drinkable yogurt.

No bells. No whistles. No lactose.


A robust cold brew balanced by luscious, lactose-free drinkable yogurt. Always bold, never bitter.

A fresh new way to boost your day.


A cold brew so decadently dessert-like, you might forget it’s good for you. Featuring rich cocoa and smooth drinkable yogurt.

So delicious. So energizing. So lactose-free.