Clean Label Creamer™

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer bottle with sparkles

Clean Taste. Clean Ingredients. Clean Conscience.

Probiotics | No Lactose, Preservatives or Added Sugars

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer bottle with sparkles

So Fresh and So Clean

Three ingredients. That’s all. Other creamers can be fussy and complicated, with eight or more ingredients. We created a straightforward creamer that leaves out everything that doesn’t let your coffee shine.

No Lactose Sign Lactose Free Icon Milk Carton Container Crossed Out in Green Circle
No Preservatives Sign Preservatives Free Icon Chemical Flask beaker Crossed Out in Green Circle
No Sugar Sign Sugar Free Icon Sugar Cubes Crossed Out in Green Circle
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No Soy Sign Soy Free Sign Soy Pod Crossed Out in Green Circle
No Trans Fats Sign Trans Fat Free Icon Droplet Crossed Out in Green Circle

No lactose, no preservatives, no added sugars. No gluten, no soy, no unpronounceable thickeners, stabilizers or flavorizers.

Probiotics, milk and cream. Clean, simple and delicious.

Welcome to coffee enlightenment.

Graphic - active probiotic cultures

Ready for a
Splash of Culture?

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ is chock-full of culture. Seven probiotic cultures, to be exact. That means it doesn’t just make your mouth happy – it makes your tummy happy too. Not to mention your margins. Probiotics are a growing health market, projected to be worth over $50 billion by 2022.

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Unlike most creamers, JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ doesn’t mask the flavor of your coffee. It’s specially formulated to highlight and enhance the natural aromas and tasting notes in your brew. It doesn’t just lighten your coffee; it enlightens your coffee. Because, when you’re drinking coffee, you should taste coffee.

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Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Cup!

Ready to try the creamer you’ve been dreaming of? Truth be told, we’re still double-checking the final details to make sure you get the finest creamer we can make. But, trust us – it’ll be worth the wait. Until then, keep dreaming those sweet, probiotic creamer dreams.

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