Our Farm-to-Cup Story

Farm To Cup Coffee

From the Boutique Farms of the World,
Straight to Your Cup

Farm To Cup Coffee

The Quest for the World’s Best Beans

When we set out to create the first Functional Cold Brew™, we wanted to make sure that we were starting with the best possible ingredients. But tracking down the finest Arabica beans requires patience, persistence and sometimes trekking around the world to find where the best coffee is being grown right now.

Just like wine, the quality of a coffee harvest is affected by climate, region, soil, the amount of rain – and these things can fluctuate year to year. So, our quest for the perfect bean can take us from the hillsides of Brazil to the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii. All to make sure that what ends up in your cup is the best version of JoeFroyo at this moment.

Great Relationships
Mean Great Coffee

What doesn’t change, no matter where we source our beans, is our philosophy: We aren’t just looking for great coffee; we’re looking for relationships that will ensure a lasting coffee legacy.

We are looking for the people behind the coffee. People who love coffee and want nothing less than the finest bean they can produce. Our kind of people.

Old School Methods,
New School Taste

Our farming partners grow their coffee the old way: sustainably, respectfully and with a passion you can taste in every drop.

Once the beans are harvested, we small batch roast them to achieve optimal character, and brew them cold and bold for the perfect flavor.

Each sip of JoeFroyo comes with a little farm-to-cup story: a story of quality, a story of tradition, a story of passion – a story of coffee.