Nutrition That’s
Music To Your Ears

Woman with bottled JoeFroyo listening to cold brew nutrition information Yellow Background Real California Milk

Not to mention taste. And natural energy. And versatility.

100% Lactose Free • High Pressured • 100% Gluten Free

Sounds Too Good To Be True?

The Nutrition Facts Speak for Themselves


Bottled (12 oz)

JoeFroyo Slushie Frozen Blended Drink Green Straw Pink Straw JoeFroyo Iced Coffee Drink Over Ice Orange Straw

Over Ice & Frozen Blended (12 oz)

Happy Bacteria Live Here

Why are they happy? Because they spend their lives doing good.

Meet JoeFroyo’s Live & Active Cultures

These beneficial little guys are as easy to digest as they are difficult to pronounce.
Sourced from premium lactose-free cultured milk.


S. thermophilus

Supports healthy skin and may help balance folate and hemoglobin


L. bulgaricus

Can help keep high cholesterol and tooth decay at bay


L. acidophilus

Can help fight viral, bacterial and other infections


Bifidobacterium spp.

Combats obesity and boosts immunity across the board


L. rhamnosus

May help regulate feelings of anxiety or ease symptoms of depression


L. casei

Can help fight inflammation from allergies and autoimmune diseases

To Fit So Much Good Stuff into JoeFroyo,
We Had to Leave a Few Things Out.

Sorry Not Sorry.

No Lactose Sign Lactose Free Icon Milk Carton Container Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Lactose

No Gluten Icon Gluten Free Sign Wheat Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Gluten

No Soy Sign Soy Free Sign Soy Pod Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Soy

No Trans Fats Sign Trans Fat Free Icon Droplet Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Trans Fat

No Preservatives Sign Preservatives Free Icon Chemical Flask beaker Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Preservatives

No RBST Sign RBST Free Icon Syringe Chemical Crossed Out in Green Circle


No Sugar Sign Sugar Free Icon Sugar Cubes Crossed Out in Green Circle

NO Processed or Added Sugars