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Doing Good Is a
Team Effort

Since JoeFroyo started, we’ve been passionate about giving back. With Team JoeFroyo, we’re able to support two things we care deeply about: local athletes and living a healthy lifestyle.

Team JoeFroyo offers both financial and nutritional support to local athletes and sports clubs. In the past, we have provided running uniforms and bicycle kits, operating budget assistance, funded children’s after school athletic programs and, of course, supplied complimentary pre- and post-race JoeFroyo.

We are deeply indebted to long-time Team JoeFroyo members, Old Town Bicycle and the Tacoma City Running Club, who have both been supporters of JoeFroyo from the beginning. But we are always looking for driven, passionate athletes to join Team JoeFroyo!

Get in touch to learn how you can become a Team JoeFroyo member.

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Going the Extra Mile

Our efforts have been repaid time and again with the gratitude of our athletes and the simple joy of watching our team members succeed. But something we didn’t expect was the ripple effect of giving: watching team members of the clubs we sponsor going above and beyond in supporting their own local communities.

Many of the team members volunteer to coach high school track and cross country, organize youth cycling races with no entry fees, and lead shoe drives to provide disadvantaged youth with the opportunity to experience the joy and community of athletics.

Passion is contagious. And we have seen this firsthand as Team JoeFroyo members pass their excitement, empathy, commitment and drive along to people who benefit so much from them.

Are you an athlete interested in joining Team JoeFroyo?